After 20 years from its establishment, the client has multiple needs: design and develop a new website, realise a video to illustrate the company’s core competencies, and restyle the current logo to communicate its brand identity.

How do you boost a company’s brand identity without letting the organisational culture fade out? How do you reinforce the relationship with current clients while attracting new customers? How do you communicate the company’s vision with tangible products on effective channels? ReMedia has been working on this request by providing graphic items such as graphic support, a website, a company video, and a communication plan.

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Customer’s request

ARESYS, Advanced REmote-sensing SYStems, is an Italian SME providing technology and know-how to the Remote Sensing market with a special focus on Space Earth Observation. Established in 2003 as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, Aresys supports its customers in designing and implementing innovative solutions in the field of Satellite Earth Observation with a focus on Radar, SAR and Optical systems. Together with its internal growth, Aresys is gaining more competencies while penetrating a new market overcoming national boundaries to take part in the global competitor asset. This requires a certain attention in communicating the company’s identity, using the most efficient tools and support to reach the objective in line with the company’s business objectives.

Our solution

It is unsurprising that after two decades, companies’ CEOs request a restyling of the current brand identity. For us, companies are just like people, and we treat brands just as we would treat human beings. Brands have got their own story. This unique story is what makes brands unique. For a creative agency, the challenge is to reflect the company’s authenticity in trustworthy and reliable brand identities and the tools to tell their own stories and core competencies to the relevant markets.
Our clients are successful not because we are good at supporting their storytelling, but because we really believe they have a good story to tell and good competencies.
Aresys is one of these stories. People who do what they do because they love it.

The company logo has been kept closely aligned with the original design to maintain consistency with the existing visual identity. Per the client’s request, the updated logo has been incorporated into presentation layouts, business cards, and other company products.

On the other hand, the new website has been totally redesigned and programmed, with the scope to highlight the company’s 5 business units and allow potential clients to quickely understand the core business of the company.
Also, with the scope of strengthening the recruitment process (one of the main company’s objectives) the career section has been implemented within the website, and the contact form also allows the user to select one of the five business units of Aresys.
Being Aresys, a fast growing company, we replaced the “case story” section with “success stories”. The company’s website is entirely dynamic, enabling Aresys’ communication team to publish and share content related to the five business units: concept and engineering, simulation, instrumental and EGSES, operational EO data processor and valued added services.
An engaging corporate video has been delivered in parallel with the described communication efforts and with the scope to boost the customer’s engagement and reinforce the current clients’ partnerships.
To do this, our production team had the opportunity to visit the Milan headquarters, shoot, and use real materials to express the company’s assets.
Finally, a communication plan has been prepared as a pillar tool for future communication actions (newsletter, social media marketing, recruitment publications), in line with the company’s main growth and resource retention objectives. The communication plan’s primary purpose is to facilitate the flow of information, promote understanding and manage expectations among different stakeholders; it has been delivered to give directions on the future milestones of the fast-growing company.

Client Aresys Sector Science - technology - innovation Project Name Aresys
Project type Outreach & dissemination, marketing & digital communication Realization 2023

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