Sasha Del Vecchio

Serenity and creativity are an important binomial.  
Creativity is the mind having fun and people at Remedia have fun because being creative is one of their goals.
I studied psychology and behavioural psychotherapy, as a psychologist, one of my goals is to help people set theirs It is important that people be aware of the role in an organization: no matter whether they be  employers or employees

Ornella Catalano

Born in La Cumbre, I am as passionate as my Latin origins, I studied Graphic design and art in Córdoba (Argentina) and after having worked for a few companies, I decided to sail away to the Old continent and to continue my formation in the field of graphic design.  Infographics are my passion because they tell a story in a creative way and telling stories is what I enjoy most in my job at ReMedia.

Luca Catalucci

Born in the land of lamb skewers (arrosticini), Abruzzo. I grew up in the Golden Age of computing and when I set my eyes on the first Commodore 64, I dreamt all night of all the crazy things I could do with it.
Computers are my daily bread. Today I’m an IT manager at ReMedia and am responsible for unraveling the multitude of programming languages in the world.

Alessandro la Bella

Born into a family of typographers, I grew up with the smell of ink. As a child I always wanted to know the why and how of things. I didn’t follow my family’s foot-PRINTS.

Attracted to art and design ,which led me to my present job at ReMedia, my inquisitiveness continues.

Front End/UI designer

Bring your talent, passion and enthusiasm. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a dynamic, creative and advanced team!

Francesco Recchioni

Art in all its forms is important because it allows people to communicate with each other via images, sounds and words.
I feel lucky to have been born in a majestic and artistic city like Rome. My passion for art together with my managerial and organizational skills led me to my present position in ReMedia as video producer.

Marco Manca

I believe art, drawing, games and the digital world as a whole are interconnected and an essential part of life and business. As an art director, at ReMedia, I have combined my love for art with my love for the evolution of communication. Being able to share this passion with others is a source of great satisfaction.

Giorgia Marino

Many people, as children don’t have a clue of what they want to do. That wasn’t me. As a child, I flicked through the pages of glossy magazines, kept scrapbooks and drew. Later on I combined my studies at university with my interest in graphic design.
My creativity is enhanced by my passion for photography and by working in a great team at ReMedia.

Chiara Celli

Music heightens positive attitudes and helps face everyday problems ; that’s what makes me optimistic and keeps me going always beyond! I love listening to music, it’s a universal language and I also love listening to people and learning from them which is an important part of my job at ReMedia.