Mélanie Iorio

Creativity is a very serious business to me: I always have a pad and pencil in my bag. I love to travel, to play with words, to brainstorm, to have fun in general. We are so small in this universe we should stay focused on the meaning of life, and enjoying life is really an exercise of gratefulness.

Giovanni D’Ottavio

Born and raised in Rome, from a young age I have always played sport, which has presented me many challenges that have tested me and shaped me into the person I am now.

I have always enjoyed meeting people and engaging with them, which has allowed me to grow both personally and professionally.

I look forward to the new challenges that will arise with the ReMedia team!

Ilaria Nuvola

I have been creative (and a bit nerd) since I was a child, I like nature, art, cinema and video games.
For a little while i tried to stay inside the box with scientific studies but then graphic design got the better of me.
As a dreamer and a perfectionist, I notice and give value to every single detail, because these are what makes things beautiful.

Noemi D’Imperia

I was born in a small town in the province of Rome.
In love with drawing since childhood, I have based all my studies on the world of art, moving from painting to digital graphics.
I don’t give up easily, I always try to find a solution to everything, telling myself that nothing is impossible!

Georgy Shelikhov

Originally from Moscow, I studied Graphic Design in Rome, focusing on what I love most: Web, User Interface, and User Experience Design.

Sasha Del Vecchio

Serenity and creativity are an important binomial.  
Creativity is the mind having fun and people at Remedia have fun because being creative is one of their goals.
I studied psychology and behavioural psychotherapy, as a psychologist, one of my goals is to help people set theirs It is important that people be aware of the role in an organization: no matter whether they be  employers or employees

Valentina Ciaccio

Sardinian by birth and L’Aquila by adoption, city where I studied and where I discovered the value of active citizenship. I believe in the importance of improving yourself through a continuous training and confrontation and improve what surrounds us with a critical spirit and open-mindedness.

Oralda Dodaj

My task is to manage the programming of the various activities, in support of the CEO and organize the internal work of the administration.

I love the world of technology and innovation.

I am a shy but also stubborn person, and this combination makes sure that everything in front of me face with my head held high.

Emanuela Salimei

I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. But actually since always. My mother says that at one year old I was already doing graffiti on all the walls at home. As I grew up, the walls became sheets, notebooks, diaries, books, screens and doodling evolved into more and more organised forms. My work could only be this and my passion for drawing and visual communication is still alive. I have realised projects of all kinds, from websites to editorial publications, from logos to exhibition graphics. My satisfaction lies in effectively communicating messages and emotions using colours, shapes and fonts in a functional, harmonious and balanced way. I like experimenting with new solutions and following trends, but without losing my identity and style.