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We have been dealing with communication and training for over 20 years, designing and creating unique and original products.

We develop contents with scrupulous attention to detail and with the same rigor we conceive their shape, in order to enhance each concept and give strength and incisiveness to every message.

All of our products are a perfect balance of form and substance, of method and innovation, of passion and constant study, and it is with this approach that we transform even the most complex content into a clear and engaging concept.

Those same contents can become the building blocks of gamified training paths or tools useful for the discovery of hidden talents even within your organization.

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There are times that an image is able to speak more than a thousand words, especially if it is a work of study, a great deal of experience and a deep passion to guide its realization, If, then, to that artfully studied image, we add texts made with the same care and attention to detail, here emerge communication tools really able to achieve the desired goals.

Come and judge with your own eyes and if we have convinced you, call us. We will immediately come to see you!



We use digital technology to create valuable interactions with contents, carefully implementing all the multi-medial features in order to enhance and best integrate form and content in each of our creations. Touchbooks, apps, 3D, websites… enter and discover how we have added our style to some of these products.

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Quality of storytelling and of the technologies used together with the highest quality graphic and consistently original solutions are our brands for e-learning products. We also enhance and strengthen each digital training experience with the logic and dynamics of games. Years of research and study have guided us in the realization of our gamified platform for the management of the entire process of selection, development and evaluation of human resources.

Find out how to maximize the return on investment in training with Relearn it and our courses or ask for a demo.



The strength of a message lies above all in its ability to excite and intrigue, and in order to achieve these goals, few tools can surpass the power of a video which, by maximizing the capabilities of multimediality, is able to fix a message in the mind of the target audience. Motion graphics, cartoons, filmed and original interviews, 3D and VFX effects; come and discover the dozens of possibilities and techniques used in our video productions, and if you like them, do not hesitate to contact us.

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Touchbook / iPDF

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Marco Recchioni

President and Scientific Director

Dreams, theory and practice. These are the 3 key words that have inspired and guided me over many years of university teaching, research and business creation in Italy and abroad. With the young people of remedia IT, I found fertile ground to give life and concreteness to my “visions” in technology-enhanced training and in scientific communication.

I love my country and therefore I love to demonstrate, beyond our national borders, how good we Italians are at doing things.

Paola Bonazzoli


My professional culture is linked to multiple experiences. I have attempted tasks in small and big companies, from the administrative management of the family business to the management experience in a multinational company, pouring passionately into ReMedia Italia all the good things I brought with me. Today I feel part of a real team. We are always ready to support each other with positive energy to reach our goals!

I love my family, my dogs and rugby: i never lose 6 Nations Rugby!

Livia Ranieri

Account Director / Storyboarder

Communicating for me is synonymous with living and since, as Paul Watzlawick said, “we can’t not communicate”, for me it is fundamental to constantly seek methods and forms to do it better. This almost obsessive search of mine has found a precious support during my time at university with the study of semiotics: since then, mixing different languages to build meanings and therefore effective messages is one of my biggest passions.

I love every form of language. I would like to speak all the languages of the world to be able to communicate with everyone.

Federica Mezzo

Art Director / EOGB Coordinator

I have always loved my work, ever since I started back in 1990 (… OMG!). From the paper menabò, slides and colors, until today and the ever-increasing support of technology, there is always creative, exciting work, able to surprise me everyday. And every day for me it is a challenge and a pleasure to exchange ideas with our work team to reach new goals.

Playing sports and reading books helps me experience thousands of stories and travel all the time.

Chiara Celli

Sales Manager

My must: get involved! From the Pharma world to Gaming and then landing in Communication and E-learning! Being idle is not my forte or maybe moving is my strength! I work to be efficient in solving problems, managing new dynamics and achieving goals! Empathetic, optimistic, tireless! I like to understand, listen and learn, from everyone and everything!

I am a singer and a musician. It is my way of being, my attitude to life!

Giorgia Marino

Art Director

I remember that in elementary school I used to draw logos, in high school I leafed through magazines to appreciate the layout. Similarly, at university I studied Graphic Design and Art Direction, so as to achieve my dream. I believe that teamwork is the best way to express my creativity. When I retire I will open a handmadecrafting shop.

I love Polaroids. My profilepic was taken by my 5–year-old son.

Marco Manca

Digital Art Director / UI Designer

Born in a small village in the Salento area, since early childhood I had shown a strong aptitude for drawing, games and video games rather than for mathematics. After graduation I made a profession out of this inclination, becoming an Art Director and retaining a deep love for the digital world in all its aspects.

I love my cat Zelda madly. I’m a fan of fidgeting and I collect miniatures and art toys.

Ornella Catalano

Art Director

Born in La Cumbre, a small town in the heart of Argentina, I studied Graphic Design & Advertising in Córdoba. After working for several advertising companies, I decided to set sail for the old continent where I continued to train in the field of Graphic Design.

I love mate, gardening and field hockey. I love creating objects for home decorating.

Beniamino Marcone

Video Specialist

The essence of my personality is the passion for study and expression, which brought me closer to the world of the arts. I graduated from the Experimental Cinematography Center, then I studied editing and creative writing. I collaborated with the major Italian production companies and I approached the world of corporate communication as a producer. I love how my projects take shape, whether they are in front of or behind the camera.

My work is a continuous tour. I love traveling, long walks and photography.

Sasha Del Vecchio


Passionate about philosophy, art and science, curious about human behavior, I found in the study of psychology the expression of these passions of mine. Man, as an object of study, is the most complex; it is a land to explore, and it is precisely this that fascinates and nourishes my imagination, as well as my desire to contribute to the promotion of its qualities.

I love trekking on horseback or on foot, accompanied by my dog Faber; I play guitar and write songs.

Ricardo Antunes

Managing Director Brasil

Passionate about mathematics, I have always believed that logical solutions can contribute to the development of the most varied activities and I applied this passion to different economic sectors, ranging from private companies to foundations and NGOs, finding in Remedia the ideal and culturally rich environment in the search for balance between method and innovation.

Passionate about sports, I dedicate many hours of my day to volleyball, swimming, football and of course Formula 1!

Alessandro De Luca

UX Designer

In front of me, the infinity of the sea and behind me the Gran Sasso Mountain to protect my shoulders. In Remedia I found a horizon to strive for and a team of professionals able to transmit their enthusiasm for work. I love experiencing new solutions, by following every aspect of the creative process, from the concept to the final result. I am attracted, deeply attracted, by every aspect of design which is oriented to visual communication and user experience.

I often give in to the fascination of the dark side but then Yoda comes to bring me back to the ways of strength. Do or do not, there is no try!

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