Space has Scientists and Technicians, now it needs Managers.

The course addresses the growing demand for managerial competences in the space sector. The space industry, now known as the New Space Economy, continues to expand and generate exponentially growing revenues with estimates of over a US$ trillion in the next decade, in a dynamic interplay between countries, traditional public bodies, big new players and a large number of SMEs and start-ups. This change in terms of scale and complexity has enormously increased the demand of STEM professionals, however the challenges well matches with the scientific and technical competences of the workforce. As a result, it is crucial to promptly prepare professionals with managerial skills to effectively run projects, teams, and complex organisational frameworks. The objective of this programme is to offer the missing managerial competences to the professionals of the space sector to enable them to grow and expand consistently.

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The Luiss Business School’s Executive Education seeks to enable participants to maximize their business impact, supporting their personal and professional growth, through an ultra-personalized learning path and an innovative teaching methodology. The programmes are designed to speed up careers, consolidate strengths and act on areas for improvement, but they are also aimed at those who wish to reinvent themselves (i.e., change role, industry or function by developing the necessary skills and network) or take back the reins of their professional advancement by acquiring the skills and tools to reboot their career. In 2022, the Luiss Business School decided to launch a new Executive Master, at the Hub in Amsterdam, focusing on Space Management in cooperation with ReMedia group.

Our solution

The Master, designed by Luiss Business School and ReMedia Group, aims on developing managerial skills and providing theoretical and practical business dimensions competences to those pursuing a managerial or entrepreneurial career in the industry. To reach that goal, ReMedia covered different key roles :

  • Coordination of the scientific committee
  • Strategic advisor on the space content
  • Identifying, and inviting international key actors to join the Scientific Committee
  • Creating a coordination committee to promote the Master
  • Identifying, and implementing, strategic partnership including space agencies, institutions, industries, consultancy companies
  • Proposing keynote speeches and lectures by space professionals
  • Disseminating the Master Course content via social platform and within space related academic events.
  • Communication activities, including the graphic support for Master communication products (presentation support, brochures)
Client Luiss Business School Sector science - technology – STEM – Innovation – Space Management Project Name Space Business Management, Executive Master
Project type Outreach & dissemination - e-learning - marketing & digital communication Realization 2023

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