E-learning service for schools, based on the integration between a consolidated gamified e-Learning platform with AR/VR mobile app and experiences.

Space Edu Park supports remote teaching of science for secondary schools’ first grade students.
The initiative has the parallel goal to disseminate the importance of the European Space Agency and to introduce the overall space sector activities to young students.

SPACE EDU PARK was designed to create better and more engaging remote learning opportunities.

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Our organisation’s culture is based on METHOD, INNOVATION PASSION and STUDY. These values are the key factors that describe what we do and mostly how we do it and they guide us to effectively respond to any evolving needs of our customers. 

We churn out the right contents of any project with a multidisciplinary approach that aligns technology with strategy, coupled with commitment and flexibility. We are able to simplify and give value to the most complex and technical contents and to design LOOK & FEEL that engage and give care to all details, which lead to the realisation of a perfect equilibrium between contents and shape.

Space Edu Park

The customer’s request:

In the era of the Covid-19, students from different parts of the world, but especially Italian ones, had started their first experiences with digital education, often with very low results in terms of engagement and learning achievements. SPACE EDU PARK was designed to respond, in particular, to this gap, to create benefits in terms of better and more engaging remote learning opportunities. 

Space Edu Park was designed to provide a new educational model able to include effective and appealing distance learning solutions, and to impact, at the same time, the students’ learning processes, by enhancing the emotional and cognitive dimensions, as well as boosting their social aggregation.

Our answer:

The pilot of the project was driven just in 4 Italian secondary schools first grade. For this reason we developed all the contents based on the Italian ministerial science programme and we selected as the main topic to be explored and tested the Cryosphere one. 

We structured the Educational Path with 15 Learning Objects that mix a lot of different ingredients: 

  • engaging storytelling to maximize student’s commitment
  • wide usage of explanatory videos, time series and imagery
  • different tools of evaluation to assess the acquired skills and monitor the performance
  • interactive AR/VR experiences to explore and connect with abstract concepts, boosting students’ engagement. 
  • integrated Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard that shows data produced by the users’ performance through the learning path. Any information is collected and analysed to produce statistics able to assess the student’s progress. Such analysis can be useful to understand eventual incoherencies within the training itself and for further improvement of the overall course – e.g. if all students are not answering correctly and they are all making the same mistakes at the same points in the training process, the problem could be within the training content and/or related to the way in which the question was asked or the  topic was explained
  • traditional gaming elements such as ranks, avatar and badges are used to boost motivation and learning achievements.
Client ESA – Business Applications Sector Science Project Name Space Edu Park
Project type e-learning Realization 2021

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