We have promoted a research project with creativity and effectiveness and with great flexibility

Even communication on an unpleasant subject such as an epidemic can be proposed with solutions and techniques of great communicative impact. We succeeded with the AIDEO project by applying the same approach created for its logo, on the website, on digital and paper flyers, in powerpoint presentations and in a video, and despite the advent of COVID

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We churn out the right contents of any project with a multidisciplinary approach that aligns technology with strategy, coupled with commitment and flexibility. We are able to simplify and give value to the most complex and technical contents and to design LOOK & FEEL that engage and give care to all details, which lead to the realisation of a perfect equilibrium between contents and shape.


The customer’s request:

Aideo is a scientific research project funded by ESA and unearthed in November 2019.

The research fund EO Science for society of ESA which gives concrete and valid opportunities for the enhancement of innovative ideas with the most advanced and intelligent technologies has given life, with the main intervention of the experimental zooprophylactic institute of Abruzzo, AImageLab, the research aboratory of the department dedicated to artificial intelligence of the University of Modena and Progressive System, a company with an expertise with a focus on the analysis of satellite images to study the territory, a new method of research and experimentation for the in-depth study of Nile virus: AIDEO.

The main objective of the AIDEO project is to detect the main indicators on the territory of the onset of the disease, the factors and conditions that make the proliferation of the virus and the consequent epidemic favorable.

This data is provided by Copernicus sentinels (optical satellites) but it was necessary to use a dashboard that allowed the use of deep learning and accurate analysis models.

Our answer:

Our role was to support the promotion of the Aideo project and the dashboard with the creation of digital and traditional tools.

We have implemented various solutions and techniques with a great communicative impact (websites, videos, presentations, digital and paper flyers) but with the advent of Covid and the consequent cancellation of the largest sector events, the entire communication strategy has been digitized. , thus becoming interactive and still achieving the objective of engaging the main stakeholders throughout the communication process: from awareness to final analysis. Despite the restrictions, despite the unexpected.

The project closed in September 2020 with great enthusiasm on the part of ESA which presented our work with satisfaction and positive feedback.

Client Sector Scienza Project Name Aideo
Project type Outreach & dissemination Realization 2019 - 2020

I am really impressed with this project.