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Earth Observation Graphic Bureau

Providing communication support to the ESA EOP department for more than 20 years.

EOGB services & production

In the creation of an effective message, content and shape have the same value and weight and ReMedia’s professionals, thanks to the knowledge of the scientific topics and their technical skills, can support the customers for the whole process.

Graphic design support

Graphic design support

We support our customer for the communication and dissemination of their scientific projects with:

  • overall support to events
  • printed material: flyer, brochure, report, poster
  • Gadget customisation
  • Key visual

Digital products

Digital products

We design and build from scratch digital products:

  • multimedia brochure
  • Social media graphic
  • 2D animation
  • website and landing pages
  • virtual reality
  • 3D graphic

Video production & editing

Video production & editing

We produce videos for:

  • storyboard
  • videos production
  • shooting

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EOGB Showreel 2021-2022

EOGB team

Part of our Team works at ESA Esrin Premises, to provide an immediate response to any design assignment from ESA. However the whole ReMedia team is at disposal to support ESA; especially in case of Special Projects design or peak work periods, ReMedia assures the continuity of the work without interruption.
Chiara Celli Business Manager
Giorgia Marino Creative Director and Eogb Coordinator
Alessandro la Bella Junior Art Director
Emanuela Salimei Senior Art Director
Ornella Catalano Senior Art Director

Chiara Celli

Business Manager


Music heightens positive attitudes and helps face everyday problems ; that’s what makes me optimistic and keeps me going always beyond! I love listening to music, it’s a universal language and I also love listening to people and learning from them which is an important part of my job at ReMedia.


I am dynamic and like to do more than one thing at a time. That’s my attitude towards life

Music is my religion
(Jimi Hendrix)


Giorgia Marino

Creative Director and Eogb Coordinator


Many people, as children don’t have a clue of what they want to do. That wasn’t me. As a child, I flicked through the pages of glossy magazines, kept scrapbooks and drew. Later on I combined my studies at university with my interest in graphic design.
My creativity is enhanced by my passion for photography and by working in a great team at ReMedia.


I love my Polaroid. When I retire I hope to continue to be as creative as I am now and to open a handcraft shop.

They give us those nice bright colours, they give us the greens of summers
Kodochrome (Paul Simon)


Alessandro la Bella

Junior Art Director


Born into a family of typographers, I grew up with the smell of ink. As a child I always wanted to know the why and how of things. I didn’t follow my family’s foot-PRINTS.

Attracted to art and design ,which led me to my present job at ReMedia, my inquisitiveness continues.


I love travelling around the world (Only one more continent left to explore). I’m a fanatic motorcyclist surfer and mountain biker.

people always ask me why I don’t find a place to settle down, down, down
Born to be alive (Patrick Hernandez)


Emanuela Salimei

Senior Art Director


I have been a graphic designer for 20 years. But actually since always. My mother says that at one year old I was already doing graffiti on all the walls at home. As I grew up, the walls became sheets, notebooks, diaries, books, screens and doodling evolved into more and more organised forms. My work could only be this and my passion for drawing and visual communication is still alive. I have realised projects of all kinds, from websites to editorial publications, from logos to exhibition graphics. My satisfaction lies in effectively communicating messages and emotions using colours, shapes and fonts in a functional, harmonious and balanced way. I like experimenting with new solutions and following trends, but without losing my identity and style.


Always curious, positive and sociable, I love to share my ideas and experiences with others and working in a team inspires me a lot.

There’s more to the picture
Than meets the eye

Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black)
(Neil Young)


Ornella Catalano

Senior Art Director


Born in La Cumbre, I am as passionate as my Latin origins, I studied Graphic design and art in Córdoba (Argentina) and after having worked for a few companies, I decided to sail away to the Old continent and to continue my formation in the field of graphic design.  Infographics are my passion because they tell a story in a creative way and telling stories is what I enjoy most in my job at ReMedia.


I love working on my garden drinking my Mate. My ideal day is playing/watching field hockey.

There is fiction in the space between you and reality
Telling stories (Tracy Chapman)


What is EOGB?

EOGB is a group of professionals that provides scientific communication services to ESA since more than 20 years, thanks to a collaboration which has always been a successful experience. The excellent network of professionals engaged by Remedia IT and the solid experience matured in this long period of collaboration with ESA, with its scientists, and space engineers, is something that is part of ReMedia’ s life and has been with the company since almost always.

EOGB system plus

Remedia owns a technological tool to manage the whole workflow of work, called the EOGB System that assists the EOP User in initiating a work request, uploading raw material and files, monitoring project in each elaboration phase, and retrieving previous projects in a portfolio section of about 700 pages of works. The evolved version of the EOGB System into a real Customer Relationship Management Tool, the EOGB System Plus, is active since May 2023.

It is not just a system to request works but a real quality assurance tool.

* Use ESA VPN connection to access the system

Skills & knowledge

Remedia’s team consists of people proficient in scientific communication, Earth Observation, customer care, and project management and have prior long-term experience with international organizations. The synergy of these skills is Remedia’s certification of excellence and efficiency both for the activities performed and the results achieved so far as well as for the everything that concerns the future!

Remedia’s professionals own a great knowledge on managing satellite imagery and Earth Observation topics and deal with scientists and researchers adding an outstanding value to their work.

EOGB Evolution

How did our offer change?

Communication tools have hugely evolved in the years from “traditional” printed items, such as flyers, posters, and brochure, to digital ones: multimedia touch-books, interactive pdfs, social media graphics and animations, 2D and 3D animations, 3D modeling, videos, mobile applications.


Another important factor that has contributed to the growth of the service and to its quality, is the growth of the company that has gone hand in hand with the evolution of the work and of the customer as well. The number of people Remedia has deployed started from one resource up to five people always present on site in ESA Esrin so far.
Being present in the office, next to the customer, always available for in presence meetings, erases any kind of distance: being close to the customer created a relationship of mutual trust that has been lasting over time. Moreover, three km away from ESA Esrin, Remedia has an office with many resources, which provides additional expertise and continuity, especially during busy periods. Besides, Remedia has established a branch in the Netherlands, close to the ESTEC office, to stay even closer to its customer.

EOGB Subcontractors

To cover a wider range of tools, we built an outstanding network of professionals and subcontractors:

Ramani B.V, who brings further project experience in EO image processing, thus reinforcing the EO asset already owned by ReMedia.

Khora, who brings huge knowledge and background in VR and Augmented Reality, a communication and educational innovative technology that can provide ESA with a great opportunity to make promotional devices even more effective.

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