E-learning content and platforms to promote external and internal communication and recruitment campaigns.

E-learning ecosystem

By using the most advanced technologic infrastructures and up-to-date methodologies, ReMedia has designed its own e-learning ecosystem

All platforms are designed to support the development of student’s abilities and capabilities, carefully crafted to offer an optimal learning experience, with a particular emphasis on the STEM and Space domains.

By tailoring them to meet the needs of distinct target groups, ReMedia is committed to providing students with the tools and resources they need to excel in their studies.

SPACE KIDS platform is designed for early childhood education, while SPACE EDUPARK targets primary and secondary education. Finally, SPACE ACADEMY caters to bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate-level programs.

Each of the three platforms has been customised to address the specific needs of distinct target groups.




Space Kids

Space Kids is an e-learning platform designed for pre-scholar users, exclusively designed for children.

This platform is like a virtual library, which offers various interactive games that are not only fun but also help children to grasp knowledge about our planet and the universe simply and engagingly.


Space EduPark

The platform is designed specifically for children aged 6 to 18, focusing on gamification to enhance learning engagement, motivation, and social interaction among users.

It is structured as a digital learning hub with a wide range of serious games, activities, and lectures that combine learning with entertainment.

User progress is measured through rankings and badges, similar to traditional gaming contexts, but with the ultimate goal of evaluating learning achievements and helping students progress.


Space Academy

Space Academy is a distinguished online education platform exclusively designed to provide knowledge and skills in STEM, managerial, and business disciplines, all tailored towards the Space Economy.

The platform is specifically developed to cater to the needs of higher education students and young professionals.

It provides a wide range of learning options, which include Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), Small Private Online Courses (SPOCs), webinars, and online asynchronous learning.

E-Learning content factory

The e-learning content factory provides engaging and interactive multimedia content for the e-learning platforms, including ReMedia’s property and third-party platforms.

Immersive and engaging learning experience caters to learners’ diverse needs. As a leading publisher of e-learning materials, ReMedia strives to maintain the highest standards of quality and innovation in all our products.

E-Learning products

Web Based Training (WBT) tutorials

Web Based Training (WBT) tutorials

Web-Based Training (WBT) tutorial defines the type of educational material that is distributed over the internet to provide instructions on a particular topic or skill. These tutorials can be accessed via a web browser, which makes them easily available to students with internet connectivity. WBT tutorials can cover a wide range of topics, from software applications and programming languages to academic subjects and professional development courses. Using a WBT in an e-learning platform helps track the student's level of engagement and learning progress automatically.

Training simulators

Training simulators

An online training simulator is a software application or platform that imitates real-life scenarios or environments for training and educational purposes. These simulators offer an engaging, effective, and affordable way of providing training experiences across various fields and industries. With innovative tools such as augmented reality and virtual reality, simulators are well-suited for immersive and interactive training.



Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) and Small Private Online Courses (SPOC) are designed to provide accessible and flexible learning opportunities for a wide range of students. These platforms offer Certificates of Completion as recognition for successful completion of the course, increasing the value of the education journey. By offering a variety of courses, MOOCs and SPOCs contribute to the democratisation of education, making quality education more accessible to a wider audience and facilitating the processes of recruitment and selection of qualified personnel.



A comprehensive webinar support services cover all aspects of the event, from the planning, preparation and marketing stages to the actual presentation and post-event follow-up and post production. ReMedia takes great care to ensure that every component of the webinar is executed flawlessly, allowing our clients to focus on delivering their message effectively and engaging with their audience. A team of experts is dedicated to providing personalised and attentive support to ensure a successful and memorable webinar experience.



Development of digital games with an educational focus, which can be accessed via web or mobile applications. Games are carefully crafted to monitor and enhance both hard and soft skills, and we also offer AR/VR solutions to provide an immersive learning experience. The approach combines education with entertainment, integrating enjoyable and engaging elements into the learning process. The final goal is to make learning more memorable, enjoyable, and effective for ReMedia’s customer’s specific target group.

Educational & training App

Educational & training App

Hybrid web apps specifically designed for STEM subjects. A strong use of interactive activities, simulations and challenges to support science, technology, engineering, and maths concepts.

Skills analysis

Skills analysis

A tool, based on business intelligence logic, to track and evaluate students' learning levels according to the course’s specific educational objectives. It compares their data with an established educational model, providing insights into their progress. By analysing a range of metrics, it offers personalised feedback and informs instructional strategies, ultimately optimising student outcomes.

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