In Remedia we have people who have worked in the elerning sector from the very beginning. Our experience covers both the design of digital learning contents and that of e-learning platforms development and management.

What we do

Web Based Training (WBT) tutorials

e-learning courses focussed on explaining concepts, rules, and procedures with a simple but engaging approach.

Training simulators

Training people to use a certain procedure. During the course the procedure is simulated for a practical experience.

Skills analysis

E-learning objects with aimet at evaluating knowledge and competences with regard to adults and young students. This tool can be used both as a module in a full training path and/or in assessment processes.


Our videos professionals could produce for you very successful learning videos.
Every aspect from the storyboard to the realisation of the final product, from the contents to the didactic methodology is edited with extreme detail. 


We produce webinar starting from the content to be disseminated and providing dedicated support to the people that will attend it, with dedicated tutors. We transform any closed webinar in appealing videos, to be reused in future as stand-alone training material.

Mobile learning

Three available solutions: tutorials, simulators and skills analysis. Implemented to be used on different mobile platforms, be it a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device.

Educational & training App

We have unique competence in the production of hybrid web apps foccued on STEM fields


We create digital games with educational goals, for web or mobile apps, able to monitor and develop soft and hard skills. AR/VR modality are ones of the available solutions.



Remedia designed its own e-learning ecosystem based on the most advanced technology infrastructure and the most up-to date methodology. We built it with a great attention to the look&feel, user’s engagement and usability. Constant feedback to the user’s learning process is another key asset.

The ecosystem has been designed with a user-centered approach. Functionalities and layout follow the needs of specific targets, this is why we developed it bearing in mind three different target groups

  • Relearn it: vocational education and training (VET) for adults: an open, integrated and usable technology enhanced platform supporting MOOCS and SPOCS, multimedia learning object, serious games and a very wide range of digital formats and contents. The platform tracks through a very sophisticated Business Intelligence System every action done by the user during a training course. Learning achievements could be certified via the Open Badge technology. Contact us for a demo or download the brochure to know more.
  • Space Academy: designed for higher education students (HE). The platform supports MOOCS, SPOCS, COCS, Webinar and evaluation modules. Contact us for a demo.
  • Space EduPark: customised for school students (K12). The platform is based on a gamification approach able to boost the students’ engagement, their motivation and social aggregation. Space EduPark layout has been shaped to recall the Milky Way since it has been devoted to STEM learning contents. It has been designed as a real digital learning playground that offers many attractions and games able to combine learning with fun. User’s progress is shown in the form of rankings and badges as in any game context. Contact us for a demo.



I am really impressed with you method.

ReMedia Group

Our organisation’s culture is based on METHOD, INNOVATION PASSION and STUDY. These values are the key factors that describe what we do and mostly how we do it and they guide us to effectively respond to any evolving needs of our customers. 

We churn out the right contents of any project with a multidisciplinary approach that aligns technology with strategy, coupled with commitment and flexibility. We are able to simplify and give value to the most complex and technical contents and to design LOOK & FEEL that engage and give care to all details, which lead to the realisation of a perfect equilibrium between contents and shape.