ReMedia Smart System


Remedia Smart system is our project management tool, a web based proprietary platform that we use for all our communication projects. It was created to allow our clients, wherever it may be, to make requests but also to monitor every single development phase of the project.

The system enables the user to leave a written trace of every task, correction or improvement without wasting time having to look for the emails in which the commissions were put forward.  

Besides, the section browse portfolio supplies an archive of the works that have been completed and approved. All the files are always easily accessible in order to allow their recovery even after a number of years. 

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Our organisation’s culture is based on method, innovation, passion and study. These values are the key factors that describe what we do and mostly how we do it and they guide us to effectively respond to any evolving needs of our customers. 

We churn out the right contents of any project with a multidisciplinary approach that aligns technology with strategy, coupled with commitment and flexibility. We are able to simplify and give value to the most complex and technical contents and to design look & feel that engage and give care to all details, which lead to the realisation of a perfect equilibrium between contents and shape.