Altius Mission Patch

Creation of graphics for the patch related to the mission Altius which will start in the 2025

To promote the Altius 2025 Mission objective the client asked us to create a patch which represented the satellite in orbit and its earth observation functions.

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Altius 2025 Mission Patch

The customer’s request:

To promote the Altius 2025 Mission objective, ESA Earth Observation  asked us to create a patch representing the satellite in orbit and its earth observation functions.

The mission’s objective will be to study and monitor, through satellite techniques, data from UV and infrared rays that interact with the earth’s atmosphere.

The analysis carried out will be able to understand climate change, weather forecasts and long-term trends.

Our answer:

Through an in-depth study, our creative team responded to the customer’s request by creating a patch that represented and united in a single graphic all the direct and indirect protagonists of the mission: the satellite, the blue/transparent beam of the atmosphere, the sun, a mantle of sky and stars visible from the earth and the European continent, all enclosed within a circle, an official form required by ESA for this type of project.

Client ESA Sector Science Project Name Altius mission
Project type marketing & digital communication Realization 2021

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