ESA 4 inspiration: event art direction


Creative Direction of a scientific conference. Merging art and science, technology and poetry the end user's involvement is guaranteed.

Creative Direction of a scientific conference. Merging art and science, technology and poetry the end user’s involvment is guaranteed.Who said scientific events are boring and dry? At ReMedia, we have the capabilities to turn data into entertaining patterns, to engage the end user by offering an immersive surrounding to prepare the field to ESA for inspiration.

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ESA Space for Inspiration is the flagship event of ESA Human and Robotics Exploration (HRE) Directorate and especially for its Business in Space Growth Network. The third edition was held after a 4-year forced hiatus caused by the Pandemic. The organisation of the event itself started very late precisely because of the political and social situation in Europe to date. But the creator of this conference, Bernhard Hufenbach, Team Lead for Commercialisation and Innovation of the HRE directorate, had very clear ideas on what type of event he wanted to arrange for this year: he wanted to create something unique and memorable for its participants: space and non-space actors from both public and private organisations and institutions. In order to achieve this goal, he decided to involve for the first time, in the planning phase of the event, a consulting agency, ours.

Our solution

Remedia was asked to create the narrative of the event and to propose some novelties in the conduct of the event itself in the wonderful High Bay context of the Erasmus Innovation Centre. What ReMedia offered was:

  • Stage and decoration set up
  • Artistic performances to be blended with the contents
  • Entertaining music (live played and streamed)
  • Conference introductory videos
  • Event schedule
  • Artistic direction

Organisers together with ReMedia team defined narrative, contents, programme and schedule of the event. TO produce the videos ReMedia involved representatives from 13 European countries, blending the recorded material with pictures taken during the event. The general feedback from the conference participants was “the most lovely, inspiring event they have ever taken part in” also for the people who were remotely connected to it.

Client ESA – HRE-XI Sector space exploration Project Name An original storytelling to inspire the space market actors
Project type Outreach & dissemination Realization May-July 2022

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