We have designed a character that could embody and tell the spirit of ESA to bring children closer to the European Space Agency. Boys and girls say hello to Astrognat!

Our creative team has illustrated a versatile, child-friendly character that could easily change styles and settings and be declined on a wide line of merchandising and gadgets.

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Our organisation’s culture is based on METHOD, INNOVATION PASSION and STUDY. These values are the key factors that describe what we do and mostly how we do it and they guide us to effectively respond to any evolving needs of our customers. 

We churn out the right contents of any project with a multidisciplinary approach that aligns technology with strategy, coupled with commitment and flexibility. We are able to simplify and give value to the most complex and technical contents and to design LOOK & FEEL that engage and give care to all details, which lead to the realisation of a perfect equilibrium between contents and shape.


The customer’s request:

The client had requested to create a new mascot for children that could personify the values ​​and activities of ESA in order to create ad hoc gadgets and materials that can then be sold through the online shop of the European Space Agency.

The mascot is in fact a fun and impactful tool that allows you to communicate the values ​​of the brand by approaching a younger and more dynamic audience as well as being an adaptable medium to any type of merchandising.

Our response:

During the conception phase, a gnat dressed as an astronaut was chosen and named “Astrognat” to remember that these insects were the first living beings sent into space for scientific studies.
Thinking about the final use of the mascot, a very versatile character was designed that would allow you to change its appearance according to the needs and context of reference.

The mascot was in fact designed right from the start in two settings: in space and during training on Earth.
From these first proposals, an entire and vast line of merchandising linked to this character was then created and in 2020, given the success acquired, other settings were commissioned: on the Moon, inside the Moon Village, on Mars and Inside a spaceship in the company of his friend Paxi, another ESA mascot for the little ones!

The project is always in a continuous development phase, who knows which Astrognat’s next mission will be ?!

Client ESA Sector Science Project Name Astrognat
Project type marketing Realization 2020

I am really impressed with this project.