Civil Security from Space media kit


Next to the development of a main Key Visual, a PowerPoint template and a video have been delivered. The video illustrates the main activities of the Civil Security from Space Programme within the Connectivity & Secure Communication Directorate. The Programme supports the effort of monitoring, mitigation and resolution of civil security and crisis events from space, to keep people, infrastructures, and resources safe on Earth.

With the scope to graphically define the purpose of the CSS Programme (Civil Security from Space) within the CSC Directorate (Connectivity & Secure Communications) directorate of the European Space Agency, by the ReMedia team was requested to create a media kit.

The media kit includes a set of communication tools to best communicate the CSC core missions: connecting Europe, facilitating the joint effort in forming a strong space sector, sharing the objective to support Europe`s space industry, fostering its growth, and growing its global market share and economic weight.

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Customer’s request

CSS is a seed activity of ESA’s R3 (Rapid and Resilient Crisis Response accelerator). It deals with strong impact events (like hurricanes, oil spills, earthquakes, and floods). To transfer the message to the main audience, a clear brand identity design is requested, as well as a set of visual products, following ESA’s official CVI. To effectively communicate the core activities of the CSC department within ESA, a video has been requested, to shed light on the fueling of innovation, supporting industry, entrepreneurs, and startups, ultimately driving the development of space technologies and their translation into viable and value-adding applications and business models on Earth.

Our solution

The ReMedia project initiated in-depth research into ESA’s involvement in disaster management. Following consultations with ESA’s team, the objective has been set: to depict an optimal future scenario where a CSS system supports natural disaster management across the entire process. The video presentation illustrates three key phases: pre-disaster, during the disaster, and post-disaster. It demonstrates how advanced sensors, AI algorithms, and satellites can detect early signs of disasters, provide real-time information for timely alerts and evacuation plans, and aid emergency responders in navigating chaos. Additionally, it highlights how satellites with AI capabilities contribute to damage assessment and infrastructure vulnerability identification. Overall, the presentation emphasises the role of technology in enhancing disaster response and safeguarding human lives.

Client ESA Civil Security from Space Sector Science - technology - communication Project Name Civil Secure Connectivity videoclip and key visual
Project type Outreach & dissemination - marketing & digital communication Realization 2024

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