Cryo2ice Campaign


A strategic planning of a Through the line communication campaign has been the baseline for the promotion of the Cryo2ice joint satellite mission of ESA and NASA: from the concept of the Keyvisual to the presence on institutional social media.

ReMedia supported the launch of the Cryo2ice mission through an integrated communication campaign that used a high-impact key visual, customised gadgets, teasers, videos and presence on the main institutional social channels to promote in the best way the objectives of this cutting-edge mission.

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In July 2020, NASA and ESA launched a tandem mission: CRYO2ICE with the aim of analyzing the conditions of the surface and the innermost part of the glaciers present at the Poles.

The mission plans to integrate data from instruments aboard two satellites already in orbit, the radar of ESA’s Cryosat satellite and the laser of NASA’s ICESAT satellite to achieve a deeper understanding of Earth’s ice, without the need to create a new satellite.

Thanks to a “magic” of celestial mechanics, but above all to the scientists who work for these two missions, it was in fact realized that a small shift in the orbit of Cryosat would be enough to align the orbits of both satellites to allow him to find himself analyzing the same territory at the same time, especially in coincidence with the polar winters, therefore every 6 months. Remedia was asked to tell this “magic” to the general public in the simplest way possible.

Our answer

The magic was initially told starting from the Keyvisual of this fabulous mission, illustrating the two satellites protagonists of the campaign, the technology applied to them (radar and laser) and the precise exchange of information that occurs only with the displacement of 900 m of the orbit. , within two weeks.
In the keyvisual, the two Cryosat and icesat satellites are represented in different colors, together with the communicative action that occurs between them and the data collection mechanism through the study and analysis of the polar caps.

The Keyvisual has been designed to be able to customize gadgets and make any other communication tool used for the promotion of Cryo2ice recognizable: from the teaser to the docu-video.
The teaser conveyed the communication by generating expectation and expectation and was published on all official ESA channels; The video tells, even to a less qualified audience, in a simple and accurate way through images and texts the mission and its purpose.
A success from every point of view if you think that the 10th anniversary of Cryosat2ice contributed to enriching this project!

Furthermore, on the occasion of the maneuver, all the staff of ESA and NASA wore the personalized t-shirt, making this event unique and unforgettable in history.

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