ESA-ESTEC in 99 objects


A memorable journey among the objects that truly tell the story of ESA–ESTEC's activities.

Did you know that ESA-ESTEC establishment hosts a copy of the famous Galileo navigation system to test the functionality of the satellites in orbit? A lot of different small and big  items need the same kind of test, such as Astronaut suits. They need to be tested to avoid any potential impact on a human body, this is why in ESTEC there is also a perfect replica of our body. Discover the incredible stories these objects can tell you and much more about ESTEC by browsing through incredible images and content. Explore the magic of the unknown part of space activities. Grab your ticket and start your journey:

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Customer’s request

ESTEC is the main establishment of the European Space Agency. Over 100 space missions have taken their first steps along its corridors. ESA-ESTEC needed to explain, in an engaging and catching way, all its activities to a very wide and diversificate audience through a digital platform. The main challenge? Only one month to complete the task and create a successful website.

Our answer

ReMedia started its activity by defining a very clear action plan, able to match all the very strict deadlines and requirements. The first issue to be solved was to create one unique look and feel for all the objects and have a massive number of very good photos available for each of them. This is why, soon after the definition of the action plan, Remedia started a dedicated photo shooting to all the selected objects in parallel with the website developmen

In three weeks time all the photos have been taken and processed and then included in the website, that through a very simple navigation provides very interesting stories for all the objects, enhanced by great images and videos. Tags and links are used to provide more in-depth information, connecting each object to related contents on other ESA websites and to create also an internal journey among similar objects.

A CMS based on Laravel has been developed to help ESA keep the site constantly updated with the inclusion of new objects. The project officially started on the 4th of November 2021 and the website has been published on the 9th of December, meeting the deadlines requested by the customer.

Visit the website to see what we have been able to achieve in such a short time:

Client ESA-ESTEC Sector Space Project Name ESA-ESTEC in 99 Objects
Project type Outreach and dissemination - marketing and digital communication Realization Nov 2021 - Dec 2021

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