HERA Mission: humankind’s first visit to a binary asteroid system

An ambitious mission needs a powerful logo. A pilot project that served as the kick-off for the new ESA brand identity

ESA involved Remedia in the design of a new logo for an innovative space mission

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HERA Mission: humankind’s first visit to a binary asteroid system

The customer’s request:

Hera, ESA’s new mission scheduled for 2023, will be the first visit in human history to a binary satellite system: The main vehicle and its two CubeSats will examine Didymoon, a 160-meter-diameter satellite of the Didymos asteroid.

With the advent of this new space mission, ESA involved Remedia in the design of a new logo. The mission logos must first of have to describe in detail the objectives of the launch and at the same time be aesthetically impressive.

Our answer:

On the design side, Remedia’s challenge was to express complex key concepts with simple but impactful creativity. The concept of the mission was conceived through the use of simple geometric shapes and precise lines which, combined together, gave life to the Hera logo, enhancing its strong and recognizable identity.

From a technical point of view, ReMedia initially put its expertise at the service of ESA’s Communication Department, making Hera the pioneer project for the application of the new CVI guidelines.

The logo shows Hera and two CubeSats surrounding the crater left by NASA’s DART spacecraft on the smaller of the two asteroids. The CubeSats will be released near Didymoon; their ability to take more risks and fly closer to the asteroid will allow them to study its features closely.

The colors chosen are the result of an analysis of the subjects involved in Hera Mission: the dark blue of the central circle represents the depth of the space while the brighter one represents ESA’s efforts in the Space Safety & Security area.

The Hera logo summarizes the mission’s key objectives: impact protection, modeling of binary systems, asteroid collision prevention and development of new technologies.

The design of the logo was joined by the creation of some infographics with an overview and detail on the project objectives. These infographics were used as information material in various areas for the presentation of the Hera mission.

Client ESA Sector Science Project Name HERA Mission
Project type marketing & digital communication Realization 2019

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