Living Planet Symposium 2019: event communication


ReMedia designed all the communication materials for the largest ESA Earth Observation conference.

We provided a 360 degrees communication support accompanying every proposal with a consultancy service able to choose just the most effective solutions. We also provided our support on-site during the event.

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The client’s request

In 2019 ESA held its 4th edition of the Living Planet Symposium, the biggest conference in the world fully dedicated to Earth Observation. ESA searched for a partner able to follow all the communication activities related to the event, included a complete support during the course of the symposium.

Our answer

ReMedia provided 360-degrees support by creating all the tools for its promotion, all the venue decorations, gadgets, signage and videos for the booths. Activities started in March 2018, with a visit to the symposium venue: the MICO congress center (Milano Congressi). This was really a key activity for us, to better understand the architecture of the spaces to be decorated and the key parts to be highlighted to enhance every single environment.
Since the symposium wanted to have a low impact on climate we created quite a half of the communication tools in digital format, fully customizable and reusable for future editions of the conference. Moreover, most of the printed ones were produced with recycled paper, except for the panels of the stands and the building’s films.
The design phase started with the production of the conference key visual and its related style guide, and then proceeded with the design of the call for paper, the invitations cards and the website production;
we then started to produce other promotional tools such as graphics, animations and teasers for social media, and the layout for the app to guide the participants trhough the event sessions and entertainment activities.

Finally we produced promotional tools to be given away during the event itself: customised gadget, badge the symposium programme and flyer, roll-up, digital posters and videos for the booths.
During the conference days we directly supported the even on-site: we presented some ESA tools at the booths (yes, we can also do this for you!) and we worked in the director’s room to change in real-time teh conference programme and the powerpoint presentation.

A huge job that has really given visibility to all the skills of our company.

Client ESA Sector Science - Space Project Name Living Planet symposium
Project type 2019 Realization Outreach & dissemination, marketing and digital communication Location Italy

I am really impressed with this project.