For the launch of the new Dias platform, we created an innovative image as the platform it was to represent and the most advanced communication tools to reach the target audience

We have adopted the augmented reality tool for its considerable communicative power and motion graphics to make the promotional video more dynamic and engaging.

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The customer’s request:

One of the main difficulties with which the European Commission has had to interface in recent years is the management and storage of the countless information of Big Data provided by Copernicus satellite analysis tools.
It was therefore necessary to set in on the methods of conservation and processing of the same, favoring the use of intelligent instruments that could govern and stem this criticality.

For this reason the Commission has made available a tender won by four consortia, including SERCO Italia, which has become the leading reality for the creation of ONDA Dias (data information access service), sophisticated and cutting-edge instrumentation open to all, simple versatile based on an open cloud service.

Our answer:

For the launch of the Dias platforms, in 2018, SERCO commissioned us to create a promotional video, roll up and flyer in which the multiple function of Onda and its great versatility of use, fruition and above all its exclusivity.
For the Roll up and the flyer it was decided to focus on the appeal and considerable communicative power of augmented reality.
The video was created with great care, starting from a detailed and precise script, continuing with the choice of particular and unique motion graphics that have been able to enhance and tell the potential of this tool to Copernicus stakeholders on the occasion of the 20 years since the first kickoff. of Baveno.

On this occasion, the video we made was shown during the official presentation of the event, bringing Onda to an effective and highly successful level of exposure.

Client Serco italia Sector Scienza Project Name Onda dias
Project type Outreach&dissemination Realization 2018

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