Through the use of infographics, designed with the most accurate detail, we have translated, conveyed and declined complex information with simplicity and versatility to communicate the Sentinel 5-P mission objectives. Sentinel 5-P is part of the Copernicus family.

The infographic enriched with icons, images and texts allowed us to communicate a complex matter, such as the Greenhouse Gases, to explain their true impacts on people and planet health.

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Sentinel-5p, analizza l’impatto dei gas serra sull’aria che respiriamo

The customer’s request:

The main objective of the Copernicus Sentinel 5P mission is to perform detailed atmospheric measurements to make all of us understand more closely the possible causes of the greenhouse effect and the generation of the 5 gases produced by natural and non-natural sources (fires, deforestation , environmental contamination, pollution, etc.)
The instrument for detecting these very important data is Tropomi, a device inside the satellite that constantly records this information useful for raising awareness and making us aware of the state of health of the planet in which we live.
In 2017, ESA commissioned us to intervene on a significant storytelling project aimed to tell the Sentinel5P mission in a simple and clear way.

Our answer:

In this regard, we have created an infographic that explains the impact of greenhouse gases on the atmosphere in a completely versatile way.
The complexity of the project is linked to the realization of an environmental phenomenon that the human being does not fully perceive.
Using the infographic we were able to decline and convey this information with ease, with icons, images and texts on social and offline channels, relying on a clear and easily usable tool, as well as having a considerable visual impact.

Client ESA Sector Scienza Project Name Sentinel5-p The air we breath
Project type marketing Realization 2017

I am really impressed with this project.