How to teach the use of a complex software


We have designed and developed an interactive and dynamic e-learning course dedicated to the training of 2000 SNAITECH stores on the management and use of new procedural software.

When e-learning is rigorously designed and based on a successful methodology, it can really help also to teach the use of a software, especially if the context of use is shaped exactly as the software one. This kind of tools are called simulators ans this is what we produced for SNAI.

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The customer’s request

In May 2018 SNAITECH launched interannaly an innovative procedural sofwtare that needed to be used in a very short time by a large-scale audience.

Our answer

Remedia in less than two months produced an e-learning course through which more than 2000 geo-localized points of sale, in different Italian, have been trained on a complex and completely new system. We structured the course following the customer’s guidelines, designing a software enriched with multimedia content able to grasp user’s attention and making the training interactive and interesting.

Once this project was completed, we were commissioned to make other digital training materials, and we have also created an interactive manual in html5, fully responsive and very easy to be updated. All the training materials developed are provided through the Relearnit platform.

Client Snaitech Sector Betting Project Name How to teach the use of a complex software
Project type E-learning Realization 2018

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