Copernicus Touchbook


An interactive and digital publication for the Copernicus programme originally explores the impact it is going to achieve in the everyday life of the citizens.

The publication designed for Android and Apple tablets proposes, through a circular approach, the wider and most selected contents collection able to present in detail the most important Earth Observation programme ever launched and its service application opportunities.

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How to make the most of the largest Earth Observation program ever made.

The customer’s request:

The Copernicus project is the largest Earth Observation program ever promoted by the European Commission with the support of ESA for the construction of a constellation of satellites and the Environment Agency (EEA) for Earth data detection.

The articulated nature of Copernicus, technical and difficult to understand by a non-technical public, brought ESA to contact us initially to convert an institutional brochure into a digital tool, applied to the general public with the aim of describing the program and the actors involved.

Our answer:

As soon as the customer’s request arrived, we immediately realized the enormous potential of this project: we had the opportunity to develop an innovative digital tool that really presented all the value and potential of the program from different points of view, given the nature and the flexibility of the object we had in our hands.

With this idea in mind, we have created the architecture of the project on several conceptual levels: on the one hand we have created an institutional, digital communication tool, able to speak to stakeholders and the most experienced public, but in parallel we have created it another able to speak directly to those citizens who will be the true beneficiaries of the program for the first time.

Thus was born the Copernicus touchbook, a project born from a real teamwork that from 2016 to 2018 involved us directly together with many experts of the contents of ESA and the European Commission to give life to a unique and innovative communication tool that was at the height of the program it was to represent.

Most of the work was dedicated to the storytelling part for each Copernicus application, to describe their impact on everyday life. Different stories have thus seen the light that use all the tools to engage the reader such as quizzes, games, interactive infographics, 3D animations, video and audio to explain to everyone the connections between satellite data and the services that can derive from them to improve. the quality of our life.

Client ESA Sector Scientifico Project Name Copernicus Touchbook
Project type Outreach & dissemination Realization 2018

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