GSTP 30 years anniversary:brand identity


Through a meaningful branding experience, we supported the 30th anniversary of GSTP - General Support Technology Programme: a successful programme in building know-how and capabilities in the industry.

GSTP enables ESA Participating States and Industry to work together to convert promising engineering concepts into a broad spectrum of useable products. In September 2023 the General Support Technology Programme celebrated its 30 years anniversary, and ReMedia was asked to support the celebration event by providing a key visual and declining it on venue decorations, gadgets, participant kits and digital tools to support the event’s brand awareness.

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Customer’s request

Inaugurated on 13 May 1993, the GSTP (General Support Technology Programme) was originally an integral part of ESA’s long-term plan to make sure the Agency kept ahead of technologies it might need. GSTP goal is to work with Industry, Academia, and Participating States to predict what those technologies might be, or to see if current innovative technologies used on Earth can be adapted for use in Space.

Together with the Polish Space Agency, users were invited to join a two-day event full of presentations, lectures and discussions about GSTP’s past and future. The event took place at the Sheraton Sopot Hotel in Gdansk, Poland. The event’s key visual was requested, as well as venue decorations and graphic support for the event (rollup, ice breaker video), merchandising products and a digital programme.

Our solution

ReMedia worked on designing a solution to make the GSTP brand stand out, focusing on eye-catching visuals and engaging declinations, as well as designing the venue decoration – to immerge participants into the world of GSTP – and facilitating user interaction by offering unique giveaways.

The key visual for the General Support Technology Programme’s (GSTP) 30th anniversary has been crafted in accordance with ESA guidelines, concerning the selection of fonts, colors, and style. Drawing on two decades of collaboration with ESA, and thanks to a profound understanding of ESA activities, the respective color scheme suggested for the ESA GSTP’s anniversary aligns with ESA pillars: red for “Science & Exploration,” green for “Applications,” blue for “Space Safety and Security,” and yellow for “Enabling and Support.”

Given that GSTP falls under the Technology, Engineering, and Quality (TEC) Directorate, a strategic choice was made to incorporate “enlight yellow” into the logo, symbolising ESA’s “Enabling and Support” pillar. The design, featuring ESA colors and a radiant golden line encircling the Earth, is not merely aesthetic but carries a symbolic narrative. It emphasizes the pivotal role of GSTP in advancing proven innovations through various engineering stages, delivering fully-tested hardware ready for integration into future missions (graphically represented with a satellite),

The imagery evokes the program’s commitment to continuous research, exploration, testing, and iterations since May 13, 1993. The sparkling “golden” line serves as a visual metaphor, accentuating GSTP’s significance in boosting innovative solutions to maturity and making them available for adoption in upcoming space endeavors.

Regarding the Sheraton Sopot Hotel’s decoration, ReMedia designed rollups, flags, an ice-breaker video and kept as a main goal to professionally bring coherence and impression to the event. First, the conference room has been considered: Gdansk’s Sheraton Sopot Hotel has a lot of brown elements (walls with wood panels and creamy curtains) and the rooms’ furniture consists of dark tables and deep blue chairs. The graphic support has been designed accordingly, and in full coherence with the key visual. For the participants, a digital 20 pages programme, including the agenda, the word from the director, useful information and around 70 speakers’ photos and bio.

As an icebreaker, a captivating and emotional video was produced to impress the event’s participants and immerse them in the mood. This video was made available in two slightly different versions – with and without the final GSTP 30th event logo/info – so that it was used for promotional purposes outside the specific anniversary event.

Referring to the gadgets, and in accordance with the event brand identity, a bloc notes with a pen and opening folder has been offered to each participant as well as a metal, rounded suit lapel pin and a credit card holder made of recycled material.
The final result is a constellation of elements strategically designed to build lasting connections between organisers, speakers, participants, and suppliers.

Client ESA Sector Technology - Innovation Project Name GSTP 30th anniversary
Project type Outreach & dissemination, marketing & digital communication Realization 2023

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