A video to present the solution developed by Latitudo40, through innovative artificial intelligence algorithms for Smart cities.

A corporate video for a highly innovative company: enhancing the 20 years of experience of its founders in ICT, Latitudo40 has created the easiest and fastest platform to collects, integrates, and processes enormous datasets from satellite images, including Earth Observation data, to support decision-makers in activities such as managing urban planning activities, making investments to enhance the capacities of cities to be resilient and sustainable and for an optimal management of urban green infrastructures.

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Latitudo40, an Italian company based in Naples (where the name comes from, as the latitude of Naples, in Italy is 40.853294) developed an Urban Environmental Operating System to create cognitive, resilient, and sustainable cities through the integrated use of satellite remote sensing and innovative artificial intelligence algorithms. ReMedia was asked to create a corporate video describing the developed system and communicating the company’s work.

Our solution

The most important aspect of Latitude resides in its highly innovative technique and approach the company uses: artificial intelligence can detect structural, chemical and thermal differences by analyzing color variations. After gathering Latitudo40’s input and deeply understanding their mission as well as the organisational culture, we discovered that the company’s activity falls under the umbrella of sustainable development 

To enhance Latitudo40 beliefs and values, a series of environmental, social and corporate governance issues are highlighted, with keywords and visuals describing soil sealing, scarce vegetation, low biodiversity, fine dust, and coastal erosion among others. Then, the core business elements are described: using satellite remote sensing and AI at the service of urban environmental operating systems, with the scope to support a cognitive, resilient and sustainable cities planning. With the scope of giving a more tangible idea of the tools used, a series of maps are briefly showcased. A short video that describes in less than one minute the value of a growing and promising company, totally made in Italy.

Client Latitudo40 Sector Earth Observation - Science - Space - Remote Sensing Project Name Latitudo40 Corporate Video
Project type Outreach & dissemination, marketing & digital communication Realization 2023

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