Promenade H2020 brand awareness


As leader of the outreach and dissemination work package within the PROMENADE H2020 project, ReMedia promoted brand awareness and user involvement by providing a communication and dissemination plan, graphic support, video production, and social media management activities.

Promenade (the acronym of ImPROved Maritime awarENess by means of AI and BD mEthods) is a Horizon2020 European Research and Development project. The main goal was to support new technologies development in the Maritime and Border Security domain,, promoting a mutual exchange of knowledge, facilitating collaboration, and shortening the adoption time of technologies by the European Border Guards Authorities.

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Horizon2020 was the EU’s main research and innovation programme from 2014 to 2020. Its objective was to promote collaboration and funds in different areas (health, energy, ICT) to address societal challenges. Open to universities, research institutes, companies, NGOs and public authorities, Horizon2020 funding was based on competitive assessments, emphasizing excellence, innovation and impact. The programme objective was focused on promoting innovation, economic growth and global competitiveness through collaborative research. The European Commission has published a call for “Secure societies Protecting freedom and security of Europe and its citizens” on the Funding & Tenders portal. ReMedia applied with the consortium led by MMAIP and managed by KEMEA as a partner to manage the communication and dissemination work package of the project. Once the consortium was formed and won the call for tender, we were assigned responsibility for the outreach and dissemination work package.

Our solution

Once needs and goals were identified, the orientation phase started (involving competitive landscape, target audience, market research, design research). This first orientating research phase aimed to prepare a solid strategy to provide information architecture, pagination maps and wireframe of the overall communication strategies and activities to be implemented throughout the project. Exploration phase took place, with preliminary ideas and design of  key visuals to support the project awareness and user engagement.

Inspired by the project name, ‘ImPROved Maritime awarENess by means of AI and BD mEthods’, ReMEdia created a visual identity to communicate the innovative advances in maritime awareness.

Besides the graphic support, the website was developed and maintained, serving as a showcase for project updates, resources and achievements. ReMedia ensured all relevant content to be posted on the project’s social media channels, sharing insights into the project’s progress and results, as well as the consortium’s actions throughout the period and publishing news. 6 

Within the 18 months, and in line with our commitment to comprehensive dissemination, we produced six newsletters that summarised  project developments in accessible and engaging formats. These newsletters acted as a bridge between the intricate progress of the project and the community at large, simplifying the technical language and conveying the significance of the achievements.

In addition, ReMedia assisted in organising and creating content for events, webinars and workshops, producing impactful and informative content to ensure resonance with stakeholders and facilitate meaningful interactions and knowledge sharing.

Through a harmonized approach encompassing strategic communication planning, visually compelling branding, a strong web presence, regular social media updates, informative newsletters and event coordination, ReMedia led the outreach and dissemination efforts of the PROMENADE H2020 project.

With the objective to engage the audience and activate an active involvement of the target group, ReMedia realised teasers, in preparation of relevant activities (meetings, webinars, trial executions). The content of trials videos has been provided by the end users, and ReMedia edited the content to underline Promenade mission and achievement, with the goal to showcase the developed Promenade services toolkit(a software to ensure border security) and a simulation of the outcomes of using that specific software. During the final review in Athens, relevant key personnels were interviewed by the ReMedia team, and the outcome was included in the final project video. The scope was to highlight the project’s objectives, the overall outcomes and practical examples on how technology supported and improved the border security activities.

Promenade also joined the BES cluster initiative, a partnership between projects, and ReMedia, responsible for outreach and communication of the project. The BES Cluster consists of projects collaborating in order to support each other, identify solutions to upcoming challenges, secure effective dissemination and valuable exploitation potentials and at the same time generate knowledge that along with the developed solutions will change the current state in the areas and fields that the projects are working upon.

Client European Commission Sector Border surveillance - technology - innovation Project Name Promenade H2020
Project type Outreach & dissemination, Marketing & Digital communication Realization 2021-2023

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