Customer’s request

ARESYS, Advanced REmote-sensing SYStems, is an Italian SME providing technology and know-how to the Remote Sensing market with a special focus on Space Earth Observation. Established in 2003 as a spin-off of the Politecnico di Milano, Aresys supports its customers in designing and implementing innovative solutions in the field of Satellite Earth Observation with a focus on Radar, SAR and Optical systems. Together with its internal growth, Aresys is gaining more competencies while penetrating a new market overcoming national boundaries to take part in the global competitor asset. This requires a certain attention in communicating the company’s identity, using the most efficient tools and support to reach the objective in line with the company’s business objectives.

Our solution

It is unsurprising that after two decades, companies’ CEOs request a restyling of the current brand identity. For us, companies are just like people, and we treat brands just as we would treat human beings. Brands have got their own story. This unique story is what makes brands unique. For a creative agency, the challenge is to reflect the company’s authenticity in trustworthy and reliable brand identities and the tools to tell their own stories and core competencies to the relevant markets.
Our clients are successful not because we are good at supporting their storytelling, but because we really believe they have a good story to tell and good competencies.
Aresys is one of these stories. People who do what they do because they love it.

The company logo has been kept closely aligned with the original design to maintain consistency with the existing visual identity. Per the client’s request, the updated logo has been incorporated into presentation layouts, business cards, and other company products.

On the other hand, the new website has been totally redesigned and programmed, with the scope to highlight the company’s 5 business units and allow potential clients to quickely understand the core business of the company.
Also, with the scope of strengthening the recruitment process (one of the main company’s objectives) the career section has been implemented within the website, and the contact form also allows the user to select one of the five business units of Aresys.
Being Aresys, a fast growing company, we replaced the “case story” section with “success stories”. The company’s website is entirely dynamic, enabling Aresys’ communication team to publish and share content related to the five business units: concept and engineering, simulation, instrumental and EGSES, operational EO data processor and valued added services.
An engaging corporate video has been delivered in parallel with the described communication efforts and with the scope to boost the customer’s engagement and reinforce the current clients’ partnerships.
To do this, our production team had the opportunity to visit the Milan headquarters, shoot, and use real materials to express the company’s assets.
Finally, a communication plan has been prepared as a pillar tool for future communication actions (newsletter, social media marketing, recruitment publications), in line with the company’s main growth and resource retention objectives. The communication plan’s primary purpose is to facilitate the flow of information, promote understanding and manage expectations among different stakeholders; it has been delivered to give directions on the future milestones of the fast-growing company.

ESA Technology Development Element

Customer’s request

ESA needs a new and original look&feel to convey the result gathered by one of its flagship technology development program: the Technology Development Element (TDE). The last two editions of it were produced as digital brochure, but with old fashioned style that couldn’t help ESA to provide the feeling of great innovation that the program is indeed bringing to Europe and beyond.
Moreover since ESA Ministerial 22 was next to come, the customer also needs a printed version of the brochure that could provide the same innovation mood that will be implemented for its digital edition. Last but not least, since TDE is a TEC program, the customer asked also to produce a layout able to be included in the same identity hierarchy.

Our solution

ReMedia proposes, for the 2021 edition, to create a new style for the brochure that – while recalling the new TEC look & feel, could show a more inspiring image of TDE and its tangible support to innovation. To achieve this goal, we suggest to have a digital edition with animations and few simple interactions enhanced by some 3D design items to provide a visionary perspective of the projects realised with the support of this program.

Living Planet Symposium 2022

The client’s request

In 2022 ESA holds in Bonn (Germany) the 5th edition of the Living Planet Symposium, the biggest conference in the world, entirely dedicated to Earth Observation. ESA needed a partner able to follow, support and supervise all the communication activities related to the event, including the support during the days of the symposium.

Our answer

ReMedia provides 360-degrees support by creating all the tools for the event promotion, all the venue decorations, gadgets, signage, and videos for the booths. Activities started in September 2021 with the design of the conference key visual and its related branding guide. The idea of the branding has been inspired by digital connections and big data concepts. In fact, this LPS edition was really focused on promoting sustainable cooperation in the EO domain, together with the use of all the most advanced big data technologies. Once the key visual was approved, the Earth Observation Graphic Bureau (EOGB) team of ReMedia started to design the website and soon after they started to produce other promotional tools such as graphics, animations and teasers for social media, and the layout for the web app.

In February 2022 two of our more experienced designers visited the symposium venue in Bonn to better understand the architecture of the spaces to be decorated and the ones that deserved to be highlighted.

As already done in the past, ESA decided to create a sustainable event, in fact part of the printed material was realized with recycled paper or very low impact print techniques, some gadgets were made of compostable material which after use can be planted in the ground, – e.g. the badge holder – and the traditional printed program was replaced by a more sustainable digital one and by a web application.

A great part of the job was represented by the customisation of the main ESA booths together with partner booths (DLR, EUMETSAT, ECMWF…) and this year, we were also committed to produce the commercial ones that were all around the ESA stand. 

The World Conference Center Bonn was decorated with more than 50 panels maintaining the same look and feel linked to the Key visual.

Also the video production was very fruitful in this LPS22. We produced more than 15 videos to be used during the speeches or to be run at the booths. 

We provided our support on-site before the start of the event working together with the architects and the organizing team to make sure that everything was going to work well! We kept on providing on-site and remote support, both to check the setup of the decoration for the whole Conference Center and to produce some last graphic material.

It was really a huge job that has given visibility to all the skills of our company and for which, one more time, we are grateful to ESA for the constant trust they have in our company.

An original storytelling to inspire the space market actors

How to create a unique and memorable experience for a business conference

Customer’s request
ESA Space for Inspiration is the flagship event of ESA Human and Robotics Exploration (HRE) Directorate and especially for its Business in Space Growth Network. The third edition was held after a 4-year forced hiatus caused by the Pandemic. The organisation of the event itself started very late precisely because of the political and social situation in Europe to date. But the creator of this conference, Bernhard Hufenbach, Team Lead for Commercialisation and Innovation of the HRE directorate, had very clear ideas on what type of event he wanted to arrange for this year: he wanted to create something unique and memorable for its participants: space and non-space actors from both public and private organisations and institutions. In order to achieve this goal, he decided to involve for the first time, in the planning phase of the event, a consulting agency, ours. To Remedia he asked to create the narrative of the event and to propose some novelties in the conduct of the event itself. As an additional request: event should be designed as a hybrid one.

Our solution

The kick-off of the activity occurred on the 6th of May 2022. The event was planned on the 11th and 12 of July in the ESA ESTEC establishment, in the wonderful High Bay context of the Erasmus Innovation Centre.

Remedia started its activity by interviewing 16 ESA stakeholders of the conference to gather their expectation on the topics to be included in the programme and suggestions on original ideas for the arrangement of the event. 

On the 1st of June 2022, three weeks after the kick off, on the basis of the inputs gathered, Remedia made a proposal both for the format and the narrative of the event. In detail Remedia proposes:

  • The type of stage to be used and its arrangements
  • The topics to be part of the programme and in some cases the speakers able to discuss them
  • The artistic performances to be blended with the contents
  • The music to be used during the different moments of the event, both live played or streamed in the conference room
  • Videos to be produced or already available to introduce the sessions of the event itself
  • The schedule of the event
  • The full narrative to be used by the moderator to bridge the sessions and the performances.

Starting from this document, ESA Space for Inspiration committee team together with ReMedia worked to define the very final narrative, contents, programme and schedule of the event. Since the time constraint, ReMedia provided support, after ESA official request, also with the video production, management of the artists to be taken on board, and of two key speakers of the conference, together with the logistics arrangement for all of them.

For two of the videos to be produced, ReMedia organised, shot, and edited, in 9 working days, 16 interviews with young people coming from more than 13 European countries.

Remedia also searched for images and videos already available to be edited and used during the conference.

The final version of the storyline was the result of a great teamwork and, in the words of the moderator, Lisa Burke, that used it, “the narrative was perfectly designed with superb creatives”.

During the event the two ReMedia professionals that worked on the storyline also provided on-site support as media and artistic directors.

But the most important result of this activity was the feedback gathered from the conference audience at the very end of it, and in the days after its closure: for most of them the third edition of the ESA Space for Inspiration conference was “the most lovely, inspiring event they have ever taken part in” also for the people who were remotely connected to it.

If you are searching for ideas to profoundly inspire and renovate your event, contact us!

ESA TEC directorate website

The customer’s request

With more than 1000 employees, the TEC directorate is the greatest directorate of the Agency. Its activities cover all the branches of technology development, from its conceptualisation (years before its development) to testing, till the validation of all its quality standards. Unfortunately, at the start of this project, all these contents were spread on the main ESA website. Moreover the more technical information, for which a company or an Institutional interface such as a Member state, was in search of, was fully absent.

Our answer

Remedia replies to this request by giving life to one of its most big web project, made of hundreds of pages, massive interaction, clear content structure and easy navigation, and by creating a unique point of reference for all the potential audiences who intend to discover the multitude of opportunities provided by ESA to build new technologies. 
The development of such a big web project through which presenting – in a clear and engaging way – all these massive numbers of contents required very hard work, dedication, passion and high-professionalism to manage the right development steps and priorities. For this reason we started our work by designing the website content structure, and then we moved on with the definition of all the functionalities the website would need to meet its goals: acquire new customers and engage them to take an immediate action. Each page has been built to provide valuable contents and provide a direct contact with the TEC experts. Original 3D images have been also designed to give a very unique identity to the Directorate and enhance the value of the most important topics proposed.
To keep the website live and appealing we also produced a dedicated Content Management System, as a  fully customized – behind-the-scenes – project. We chose this solution in order to have full control on  the future evolution of the website and be able to adapt to any of the users requirements. Our solution is developed on a very stable and market-oriented framework called React. React is one of the fastest and modern technologies available. It works with a JavaScript library for building User Interfaces. It is fast, simple, and scalable. It is simply a JavaScript runtime. A lightweight, fast and modern way to execute code on computers. It is organised in building blocks: stored in libraries, localized, available for use everywhere. Every section of the website is configurable through these building blocks and manageable with flexible layouts via a component-oriented approach that will ease the possibility to change the contents, the structure and even the template of each single page.
Thanks to this solution and the careful design of the structure and layout, the website provides fluent navigation among different types of resources, texts and info.
Last, but not least, the website is fully responsive and browsable from any browsers, except from IE.

Climate Change from space

Customer’s request

Cop 26 is the most important conference on climate all over the world. It’s a must for all scientists to be there to be updated on the most relevant results regarding the status of our Planet. Scientists and decision makers from an incredible number of countries (197) were expected in this edition of COP but the time to realise all the needed communication materials (presentations, social media animations, an interactive report), necessary to reach the different audiences, was incredibly short.

Our solution

ReMedia gave life to 28 pages of scientific contents, enriched with very attractive layouts and smart infographics in less than two-weeks time, thanks to the consolidated experience and very sophisticated design skills of its professionals working in ESA premises since 2002: the Earth Observation Graphic Bureau team. The most complete material realised for this occasion was an interactive brochure able to drive the audience among the most complex topics with a simple and straightforward approach. The concept of the cover recalls an eye’s iris: a watchful eye that keeps climate change under careful control. The inside pages provide strong visuals and infographics in support of the contents that explain the different results.

Three sections have been set to structure the overall content:

  1. UNDERSTAND: an explanation of what we call climate change and an introduction to the sources used to pinpoint the results gathered. Infographics are a very relevant part of this section and they have been used, in an animated version, also in social media to create ad hoc posts on COP 26.
  2. DISCOVER: Views of our Planet from Earth Observation satellites and analysis of these images are instead the main content of the Discover section.
  3. ACCESS: The last section provides direct access to the data to both professional users and the general public.

Less than two weeks to achieve outstanding outputs that you can judge with your own eyes downloading the report and looking at the following images of the other materials realised.

New Space Stories: Journey to Astropreneurship

Discover ESA

The customer’s request

ESA welcomes thousands of visitors to its offices every year with events, Open days and various outreach and dissemination initiatives aimed at creating awareness for its activities towards the widest possible audience. Between 2020 and 2021, due to the pandemic, each event was obviously canceled, but the need to be known has remained even stronger than before. For this ESA has asked Remedia and ATG-Europe to create an interactive, engaging and innovative communication tool, usable from web and mobile to show all the activities of ESA and its offices, giving the appearance of a unique organization, in which each part is connected to the other and which it needs to carry out each task.

Our answer

For us at Remedia, the key to success of a project is listening to the client’s wishes and interacting with him step by step, throughout the cycle of the process, from conception to the final proposal.

A challenge began in November 2020, which from the very beginning has given our team of experts the opportunity to bring out their professionalism and competence and put in place an attractive technological solution, in line with the customer’s request.
In the development phase we have deepened and outlined, thanks to various meetings with the customer and internal brainstorming, the layout, graphics, contents and possible navigation methods of the platform.
Realistic colours and illustrations were privileged but at the same time recalling a sci-fi setting to enhance the style and identity of the project.

So was born Discover ESA, a digital and interactive application capable of explaining and accompanying the user in a simple and intuitive way to discover the world of ESA.
A virtual and engaging tour which only a video game can do, full of informative material and docu – videos, a journey to discover this amazing world!

To our great satisfaction, the project exceeded the customer’s expectations and Josef Aschbacher, General Manager of ESA, wanted to create an introductory and welcome video on the Discover ESA homepage in which he publicly witnesses his great satisfaction with our innovative platform!


Customer’s request

Philab’s purpose is to promote and implement innovative and revolutionary technologies for Earth observation.
It consists of two great sections: Explore office and Invest office.
The first contains within it different skills and ideas of researchers, ICT operators, innovators and its goal is to promote the analysis and study of EO data through new technologies;
The second triggers networking between stakeholders interested of investing in projects related to Earth observation.

Within the Invest office, the “Incubed” project was born in recent years: a co-financing program for public-private partnerships. It is in 2019 that our adventure in Philab begins, a challenge that has seen us committed to work on different fronts and to create communication tools capable of promoting and communicating, in a more structured way both inside and outside this reality, objectives and institutional identity through the use of websites, brochures and promotional videos.

Our solution

In November 2019 we started with the creation of the Incubed website, a useful tool to tell all the projects, the history, the actors involved, from the genesis of this important business and research reference point up to today.

We followed, listened to and accompanied the customer at all stages, from the conception to the development of the web site, starting from a guideline that allowed us to work along a well-defined and precise direction and with our own look & feel.
In a short time, a traditional website has taken on a graphical interface and a range of services and contents of a real reference portal enriched by sections dedicated to columns and news, tools for subscribing and sending newsletters, videos, document archives and useful links.

Parallel to the site project, promotional videos and 2D animation of the key visual were developed, with images and texts studied, published on the homepage of the web site and on the many institutional channels.
In July 2019 we made a product of extraordinary creativity with animations and infographics with a strong communicative impact … and the work is not finished yet!
We are continuing to update and optimize this extraordinary digital showcase more and more.
In January 2020, Philab’s Explore Office commissioned us a brochure to promote and make recognizable the faces, roles, innovative tools and case studies of the Earth Observation (EO) within the department.

We therefore began to develop this tool by proposing an attractive and highly engaging layout designed and conceived by our team that was able to translate customer inputs into information and a more versatile language.